My main research interests are in survival analysis focusing on interval-censored data, informative censoring, and variable selection. I am also interested in longitudinal data analysis, bioinformatics, data mining, and machine learning.

While at the University of Missouri, I consulted for members of an evolutionary biology lab, and for a psychologist studying autism. At the University of Central Oklahoma, I work with groups of undergraduates undertaking consulting work as part of Project SCHOLAR.

Selected Publications

  • Cook, T., Ma, Y., and Gamagedara, S. Evaluation of Statistical Techniques to Normalize Mass Spectrometry-Based Urinary Metabolomics Data. Accepted in Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis.
  • Fu, J., Li, F., Ong, M., Cook, T., Qian, G., and Zhao, Y.D. (2018). A Novel Approach for Assessing Power Wheelchair Users’ Mobility by Using Curve Fitting. Duffy V. (eds) Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics, and Risk Management. DHM 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10917. Springer, Cham.
  • Cook, T., Zhang, Z., and Sun, J. (2017). Simulation Studies on the Effects of the Censoring Distribution Assumption in the Analysis of Interval-censored Failure Time Data. Monte-Carlo Simulation-Based Statistical Modeling, Editors: Chen, D.G. and Chen, J.D., Springer, 319-346.

Selected Presentations

  • Pathway and Gene Selection with Guided Regularized Random Forests. ICSA 2018 Applied Statistics Symposium, New Brunswick, NJ, June 2018.
  • Transforming Undergraduate Statistics Education at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions through Experiential Learning. 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings, Atlanta, GA, January 2017.
  • Variable Selection for Interval-censored Survival Data Under the Proportional Hazards Model. ICSA 2016 Applied Statistics Symposium, Atlanta, GA, June 2016.
  • Model Flexibility for Regression Analysis of Survival Data with Informative Interval Censoring. ENAR 2015 Spring Meeting, Miami, FL, March 2015.

Selected Student Presentations

  • An Imputation Approach for Fitting Random Survival Forests with Interval-Censored Survival Data. Joint Statistical Meetings, Denver, CO, July, 2019. Presented by W. Keil.
  • Metacognitive Studying Strategies and Student Success in General Chemistry. National Council of Undergraduate Research, Kennesaw, GA, April 2019. Presented by A. Huggins and R.J. Lee.
  • A Tale of Two Models: A Non-Spatial and Spatial Regression Analysis of Poverty in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Research Day, Weatherford, OK, March 2019. Presented by E. Ojeda.
  • Evaluating Whether Expert Rankings on Fantasy Basketball Players are Accurate. Oklahoma Research Day, Weatherford, OK, March 2019. Presented by S. Deng.
  • Determining What Individual and Household Factors Influence Food Choice. Oklahoma Research Day, Weatherford, OK, March 2019. Presented by W. Kouadio.
  • Techniques for Providing Optimal Regulation Levels for Injection Wells in Oklahoma. National Council for Undergraduate Research, Edmond, OK, April 2018. Presented by W. Cranford.
  • Evaluating Whether Online Reviews Influence Airline Choice. National Council for Undergraduate Research, Edmond, OK, April 2018. Presented by A. Kouadio.
  • Determining Factors for Elderly Independent Living. National Council for Undergraduate Research, Memphis, TN, April 2017. Presented by E. Kelting, L. Lerma, and D. Seagle.