That First Blog Post About The Blog

To get things started off, I thought I would explain some of the details about how this site came into existence. I can’t remember coming across any particular site that really served as motivation, but somehow, I read about GitHub Pages and Jekyll. I don’t really have any experience with website creation and design so I had to rely on Google and the numerous resources that others have graciously shared online to figure out how to get things to work.

Starting with the basics, I found this YouTube video which appears to be a recording of a workshop from the University of Idaho Library:

Workshop video

After watching most of that video and looking over the accompanying website, I decided I would take a learn-by-doing approach and start working on customizing my own site. First off, I wanted to pick a slick theme. None of the built-in Jekyll themes available straight form GitHub Pages did too much for me so I did some searching for alternatives. That’s when I came across Minimal Mistakes and the corresponding (and super helpful) Quick-Start Guide. There is a Minimal Mistakes template available on GitHub that I forked and started editing. And that brings us to here…